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Queens of Swing

During the Fascist Regime in Italy, three Dutch sisters, Alexandra, Judith and Kitty Leschan, try to make a career as popular singers.

After various attempts, thanks to their foreign accent, Cetra, the record company, takes on the sisters. Eiar, who had turned them down at first, reconsiders and takes them on with much higher fees than those offered by the rival company. The girls are obliged to choose the more Italian surname of LESCANO and begin to cut their first records. They become the most popular trio in Italy.

Memorable successes are broadcast far and wide: "C'è un’orchestra sincopata", "Tulipan", "Maramao perché sei morto" and many others. Because of the Jewish origin of their mother and despite their successes and fame, the Trio is cancelled from all radio programmes and dismissed by the Eiar.

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