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My Life For Sale

Anna Ryder Richardson and Lorne Spicer use their modern wits about online sales to transform a family's once cluttered rooms into the fresh, new spaces they dream for. The only catch is they can only spend what they make online! With only two weeks to sell, they have to use Anna and Lorne's tips to sell effectively and shop smart online.

about the hosts


Anna Ryder Richardson is a British interior designer and television presenter. Her career as an interior desginer began after she managed the children's interior shop "Squidy Things" where she began designing and decorating children's bedrooms. She currently owns a wildlife park in Pembrokeshire, Wales and now dedicates her time to wildlife conservation efforts.

Lorne Spicer is an English television presenter. She started off her career as a reporter for BBC Radio Norfolk and as a columnist for Mail on Sunday. Her television credits include Car Booty, Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is, and Cash in the Attic amongst many others.

Airs on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12pm EST

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