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Lost Adventures of Lawrence Leung

When Lawrence Leung was a kid, he wanted to be the best at everything, but he never was any good at, well, anything. Now, as an adult, he is on a mission to finally succeed where he lost before. From winning his first love’s heart to becoming a rock star. Watch the "The Lost Adventures of Lawrence Leung" and follow along his quirky experiments as he explores his childhood dreams and tries to make them realities.

about lawrence leung

Lawrence Leung is an Australian comedian, director, writer, and television personality. His television credits include "Offspring," "Nerds on Love," "House Husbands," and "Agony Uncles" amongst others. His most recent work includes the comedy series "Maximum Choppage" and the movie "Sucker."


  • Won AFI award for Best Television Comedy Series, nominated for ADG award for Best Direction in a TV Comedy Series.

Airs Fridays at 11:30pm EST

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